Thursday, October 7, 2010

The end of a very long day

Hi: It has come to our attention  that you may not know who is actually writing the blog.  It is I, Ann.  If someone else writes, they will identify themselves.

After Lori blew the lights in the room, we decided to go out to find something to eat.  We discovered that Kristina and Danielle had their lights restored quite quickly, but ours had not been fixed.  Lori and I stopped at the desk and told them that our lights were still out.  Then the four of us headed out of the hotel to look for food.

We headed north from the hotel for a few blocks. then west, then north again.  We had stopped to read the menu (in Spanish) at a small place that had out door tables.  As we were looking, an American lady who was sitting at a table said to us that this place had excellent food.  She recommended the tuna salad.

The man who was waiting tables clear a couple for us and had us pull them together.  He brought water and a basket of bread to the table.  Kristina, Danielle and I ordered the tuna salad.  Lori had something that had garbonzo beans and sausage.  I ordered fish for dinner, Kristina a hamburger, Danielle and Lori ordered lamb.  It was all very good!

Lori was still having trouble with her ears being plugged.  My ears would not pop when we were descending into Barcelona.  I kept thinking of all the times that Adam (who work with me) tried to make me yawn.  It worked and I yawned a few times and my ears popped and cleared up.  Lori is having a bit of trouble with either a cold or allergies.

We went back to the hotel.  We were going to walk to the place where we need to go tomorrow  at 9 AM to meet our tour.  When we got to the room, we discovered that we still did not have lights.  I called the desk and reported it again.  Lori stayed in the room while Kristina and I went down to the front desk with the paperwork from the tour to find out if they knew the location of where we needed to go.  The bellhop/doorman said that we should take a taxi.

When we got back to the room Lori reported that we had lights.  She talked to the maintence man and showed him her adapter.  Turns out, there is an adapter AND a converter.  One must use BOTH!!  Oops!!

Danielle opted to stay in the room, so Lori, Kristina and I went out to explore Barcelona.  We walked quite a few blocks to the south of the hotel, then turned west.  We were thinking that the waterfront (Sea) would be in that direction, but there is a big hill that way, so we think that we are wrong.  We will have to look at a map of Barcelonato see how it sits next to the Sea.

We came back to the hotel just after 5 PM.  Danielle had a problem with her laptop so Lori skyped Jay and he gave her several options to try to fix it.  Hopefully, one of them will work.

Danielle, Lori and I decided to go up to the 7th floor and sit in the hot tub.  Kristina went along but didn't go in the tub.  We could not figure out how to turn the lights on for the hot tub, which is on the roof, outside under the stars.  We laughed about calling the maintenance guy.  A bit later he walked by and moments later, Voila, the lights came on.

After the hot tub, the three of us tried out the sauna.  Again, we could NOT figure out how to turn on the light.  Luckily it had a glass door, so the lights from the fitness room illuminated the sauna.  We laughed, thinking the maintenance man might come by and see us sitting in the sauna w/o the light on.   He didn't, but we could imagine him rolling his eyes and thinking, "crazy American women-can't even turn on a light."

We all headed back to our rooms about 9:30 PM.  We pretty much crashed at that point. 

 By the way, when I try to use spell check, it highlights almost all the words and then gives me the Spanish word closest to that spelling.  So if I misspell (oh gosh, is that spelled wrong?) words, it is because I don't have spell check to correct me. Buenas noches!

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