Monday, October 18, 2010

A relaxing day by the shore.....

Today we slept in.  We met for breakfast at 9 AM.  From there we went outside by the pool.  I typed on the blog while the others walked on the beach.  When I finished with the blog and they came back, I walked along the beach for a bit.  They sunbathed, but I didn’t want to do that.  Kristina and I took a long walk along the lovely beach path. 
We discovered that they were doing a reenactment at the castle next door.  We also discovered lots of eating places farther down the beach.  We walked back and collected Lori & Danielle and headed out for lunch.  We had to wait while the Spanish routed the British and send them down to the beach where they sent the camp followers out in a couple of boats (no idea where they were retreating to as there wasn’t a ship in sight).  Finally we were able to navigate through the crowds and continue on our way. 
We heard cannon fire and small arms fire occasionally after that.  There we lots of photo ops for kids with the soldiers and sailors.  We have no clue what battle they were reenacting, but were quite sure that the Spanish would be the victors. 
We had lunch in a small café.  None of us wanted to try the tapas of eel, octopus, snails or such, so we had potato salad.  Danielle also had bread with a tomato puree and I had an orange soda.  It wasn’t nearly as good as Sunkist orange.  We worked our way back through the crowds on the beach walk to our hotel.  One must use the room key to open the access door from the beach walk.  There is also one door in the hotel that you need to use your room key so that you can leave the hotel for the pool area. 
Kristina, Lori and I changed into our suits and headed back down to the beach.  I went into the sea, but it was terribly hard to keep your footing.  The waves kept washing the sand right out from under your feet.  It was also hard to walk because of the stones in the water.  We went a back to the pool.
Lori lounged along the edge of the pool and Kristina and I did a polar bear swim!  Honestly, we think that they must “cool” the pool in order for it to be THAT cold!!  I mean after a hot summer, it should naturally be warm, but it was VERY cold.  We stood it as long as we could and then lay beside the pool for a bit.  Kristina suggested a hot shower and that sounded good to me.  Lori went to find a wi-fi spot and we went to get warm and get dressed.
I found Lori and when she was finished we headed to the room to drop off the computer, pick up the GPS and Kristina.  Danielle declined to join us in our search, so off we went to the now deserted castle to find a geocache.  Oh my gosh!  It didn’t look like that much of an incline from the hotel!!  It sure was a steep hill.  Lori’s GPS led her down a rather steep incline and voila!!  She found the cache.  This time she left some Michigan quarters in it.  We are now 3 for 5 on the caches.
We walked back over the walkway to the gas station for chocolate.  Then back to our rooms to relax on the balconies for a bit.  All four of us headed down the beach walk for dinner.  We checked out several cafes and finally settled on one.  I had pork loin; Danielle had beef loin, Kristina had a red pepper salad and gazpacho and Lori had a Spanish omelet.   We popped over to the Blackberry for dessert.  Kristina and I had the brownie again and Danielle had a Belgium chocolate chip cookie (very large) served with whipped cream.  By now the beach walk was almost deserted and we had a nice peaceful stroll along the sea back to our hotel.
Tomorrow we fly to Madrid.  The day after we will fly home.  L

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