Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting closer!

Monday 10/4/10
Well, I am ready.  I worked all day Saturday at the Library and managed to get a lot done.  After work I baked two kinds of cookies for the CROP walk in Cassopolis on Sunday.  Sunday I went to church then came home and started the laundry.  I was back at my church at 1:30 PM for the CROP walk.  One of the ladies registering us said, "Shouldn't you be home packing or something?"  I said, "Yes, but right now I am doing laundry!"  It was a beautiful day for the walk.  I don't know how many people participated, but our church was full.  The rough estimate of the amount raised was over $10,000.  Thank you to all who contributed!!  I made my goal and earned a pin. 

I packed my suitcase when I returned home and even made a list of everything that went into my bag that will be checked.  I've had my suitcase go wandering twice, but fortunately, both times it was on the trip home and both times it found its way back to me.  I was a bit concerned because I have space in my suitcase.  Normally, I tend to over pack, but I was determined this time NOT to do that.  So I was very careful to take a minimum of clothing.  At least I didn't have to pack formal wear.  If I am invited to a ball, I'll just have to shop in Spain for the appropriate dress!! 

My suitcase is sitting in the kitchen.  My tote bag is waiting for my asthma medicine and my hairbrush.  I am working tonight until 9 PM, so it may be challenge to settle down enough to go to sleep tonight.  I saved enough milk to have a mug of hot chocolate with some Amaretto to relax me. 

After arriving at work today, I find out that there is a terror alert for Europe!!    Oh wonderful. If I wasn't nervous enough about traveling in 6 different airplanes and driving around a country notorious for their horrid drivers, now I have to worry about a possible terrorist attack!!  All I can say is that it is all in God's hands.  If you would, please pray for our safety.  We will be vigilant!  One of the guys said not to walk around with a big US Flag on your back, but it is difficult for us NOT to look like American tourists!! 

Wouldn't you know it!!  I worked really hard on Saturday to get almost all of the new books cataloged before I left.  I only had 12 to go before I would be done and TODAY we received a big box of new books.    I guess I will have to work hard this afternoon to get them all cataloged!!

Tomorrow, I will be on the road just prior to 7 AM.  Dawn, Kristina & Danielle's sister in law, is driving us to O'Hare.  She lives in Bridgman.  I'll be driving to Kristina's.  Then we will pick up Lori and head to Bridgman.  The plane leaves O'Hare at 11:45 AM for Philadelphia.  It leaves from Philadelphia at 6:25 PM and we should arrive in Barcelona at 8:35 AM on Wednesday.  Lori and I will try to post something tomorrow. 

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